Mark Watson was driving his daughter to sign papers for college and was traveling with his dog "Tony" in a crate, in the bed of his truck when the cage blew out of the truck!! Tony is a Springer Spaniel who was wearing a camouflage collar on at the time. The crate was found near the overpass leaving Burbank (headed towards Dayton) and was undamaged. Unfortunately there was no Tony in sight.

There were dog prints in the sand surrounding the crate along with human prints so it appears he is alive and was possibly taken in. We would love to get Tony back to his owner, they are worried and miss him! If anyone has information leading to the safe return of Tony they are urged to call Jeff (a family friend) at 509-543-3700.

We have provided an example of what Springer Spaniels generally look like to assist with the safe return of Tony.

Springer Spaniel Example
Tony's Dog Crate Found on the Side of the Road
Tony's Dog Crate


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