Producing top notch musical theater is no easy feat. Not only do you have to find actors who can act, but you need them to be able to sing and dance as well! Sets, costumes, and music all have to invoke the right mood and set the tone for the story that's to unfold. So, when I say that Mid-Columbia Musical Theater not only delivered an amazing show, but that the quality rivals that of professional companies, that's a HUGE compliment!

I went to see their latest production, The Huntchback of Notre Dame, and it was FANTASTIC! Not only were the leads on point with incredible vocals and acting prowess, but every little detail was perfection. From the chorus of heavenly vocalists, to the unique poses each gargoyle attained (and held for extended lengths of time), to the excellent supporting cast, this show was amazing! And with a pit of live musicians (who killed it) performing the incredible score, this show was truly a delight and I was entertained the whole way through!

This show is only ONE WEEKEND (March 22-25), so get your tickets now because you'll be very upset! While the whole family will enjoy the show, there are some adult themes such as religious overtones, stage fighting, and some sexual context so I'd say PGish. Click this right here to get your tickets!!

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