You've heard the saying that pets look like they're owners, well,  let's just take that a step further.

According to research, half of our cats and dogs in America are overweight, and most pet owners aren't aware of the health issues that come with a fatty patty pet. Most experts agree, our pets problems mirror our own, pets are fed too much and don't get enough exercise. Seems the only thing Fido's been fetching lately is table scraps and a ten hour nap. Overweight pets stand a greater chance of getting arthritis, cancer, diabetes and kidney failure. But wait, there's help on the way, veterinarians are researching medical technology to address the issue of weight gain in animals. Are you kidding me? Give me a bag of money for some research, I think I have an answer. I will use the money for gas for my car, and I will drive to the house that has the pudgy pet. Me and the owner will sit down and take a look at the obesity, that is your pet. I will then fit the owner with a nice pair of sweat pants and a matching sweat shirt. I will then yell at the top of my lungs," get off the couch and take your dog for a walk'. There's your medical technology bub, there is no amount of veterinarian research that can make it any simpler than that. Stop feeding him leftover mac and cheese and get out of the house two or three times a week for a little walk. Cats on the other hand arn't such good walkers, just chase them around the house for about an hour with a broom, just kidding.