So what happens when you mix a vial of methamphetamine, a rental car, a gun, and the Benton County Sheriff together? It sounds like a recipe for disaster but luckily no one got hurt in what I'd call the Benton County Sheriff's "Odd Case" file.

Here is how the incident went down as reported on the Benton County Sheriff's Facebook page:

Deputies responded to S. Date Pl after Jeremy Peppinger allegedly threatened to "get a gun" when his rental car was being repoed'd for failing to turn it back into the rental company.

Deputies arrived and saw Mr. Peppinger removing the property from the car. Mr. Peppinger was taken into custody without incident.

Deputies located what appeared to be a vial of meth in Mr. Peppinger's pocket.

A search warrant was obtained for the car. Deputies located a bag of crystal substance and needles in the car. Mr. Peppinger was booked into jail for felony threats.

I keep thinking about a few things about this case. I've heard the term "drive it like a rental" but I'm still perplexed on how the car rental company would've been completely unaware of a guy high on drugs. I'm just glad this "odd news" story ended without anyone getting harmed.

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