Luke Bryan is releasing his own brand of beer next month. Two Lane American Golden Lager is a partnership with Constellation Brands, but the singer promises he's signing off on every can.

Bryan's Two Lane Lager will be available in seven states on March 2. It's described as an "easy-to-enjoy, sessionable beer" that offers a clean and crisp taste that "transports you to a place where good friends and good times are waiting."

Bryan says the name Two Lane pays tributes to two lane country roads and the joys found at the end of them. It's these kinds of places his beer is perfect for, a press release furthers. This is his first alcoholic beverage partnership, to go along with a branded restaurant on Lower Broadway in Nashville. Find the beer as Bryan tours in 2020, but only in the seven states it's available: Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Virginia.

Constellation Brands is a publicly-traded beer and spirit producer that owns beer brands like Corona, Modelo and wines like Robert Mondavi and Kim Crawford. While the partnership with Bryan is relatively new, the singer shares that this is something he's dreamed of for awhile.

"Between my songs, Instagram posts and onstage toasts to my audience, it's no secret I like beer," he says. Indeed, one of Bryan's biggest and most well-known hits is called "Drink a Beer."

Bryan's Proud to Be Right Here Tour begins May 28 in Cincinnati, Ohio. On April 24 he'll release his new studio album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.

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