One of the fun things about following people on Facebook who are new to town is hearing the answers when they ask, "What's the best _________ in Tri-Cities?" Well, someone recently asked about thrift stores. I'm not saying I totally agree with this list, or have even been to all these places, but I wanted to share what I'd learned!

  • New Beginnings (Lee Blvd. in Richland)
  • SAILS Outlet for Safe Harbor (Fruitland in Kennewick)
  • Goodwill (Wellsian in Richland, Court Street Pasco, Kennewick Ave. and on Dayton in Kennewick)
  • Teen Challenge (Sylvester in Pasco)
  • Second Hand Heaven, Threads Resale Boutique, Children's Boutique, St. Vincent du Paul, Seattle Children's Bargain Boutique and Chaplaincy Repeat Boutique all on Kennewick Ave. in Downtown Kennewick.
  • Penny Pincher's (Van Giesen in West Richland)
  • Atomic City Thrift Store (Jadwin in Richland)
  • SCRAP Tri-Cities (1st Street in Kennewick)

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