I like to watch a lot of the "true crime" shows on TV and one thing that occurs to me in cases that involve sex offenders is they are not "fixable." It doesn't matter how long you put them in jail for, when they get out they're the same sick and broken person. That's my opinion.

But hey, I don't make the rules, so a level 3-sex offender is moving into a West Richland community and I think your kids should know what he looks like. Level 1 means low risk to re-offend, level 2 is moderate risk, level 3 is HIGH RISK TO RE-OFFEND.

His name is Thomas Christopher Dean. He is six feet tall and weighs 185 pounds). He is moving to the 4100 Block of Fallon Drive in West Richland. He is not wanted, but law enforcement has to inform the community of his presence because he exposed himself to a child prior to his serving time.


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