Letters and cards from kids are the best! Especially when they are from you and your siblings!! My Mom and I were going through her Hope chest and came across some "Gems" of cards and letters that my brother Sam and I wrote when we were kids!

Sam letter
Coors is the one

Kids are honest that's for sure and they definitely say what's on their minds! I laughed so hard when I read the birthday card Sam wrote to my dad... "COORS IS THE ONE"

Dear Mom I love your brown eye!! Hahaha and Dad, I hope you have a half-way decent birthday? What kind of card is that!? Was I that bad of a kid?

Letters from Janis1
Dear Mother You are very sweet with me and our family I'm glad your my mother. You are very special to me if you ever left me I would be without a heart. I am sorry for things I have done wrong. I think you are pretty. Your brown eye. Love Janis
Letters from Janis3
Dad, Hope you have a halfway decent birthday sorry I didn't get you any birthday present. Love Burt Butt

"To Mom I love you a......."

War zone?? He obviously got side-tracked from what he was doing while making his Mom a card, like with Bigfoot, aliens, an airplane being shot down (ratatatatatat!!) and a flying car? These were my Moms favorite cards and I am glad she saved them!

Letters from Janis4




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