Thank a trucker with a thank-you card on your vehicle, it takes five minutes to make a sign!

We are all doing our part to help flatten the curve, whether you have been deemed essential or non-essential you still play an important part.

I have two jobs, one essential and one which is not. So I have been impacted in both ways and feel from both sides. Staying home is devastating financially and yet still going to work also has me in an unsure mindset. The worry is there, as much as I try to not worry I think it lingers within us all.

One very important essential job right now is that of a trucker. We need them, their families need them and we all want them to stay healthy and safe. Their job is crucial in helping this nation function properly and they are needed now more than ever.

Each time I pass a truck on my 45 minute commute to work I silently say to myself "thank you" and wish I could tell them how much I appreciate each and everyone of them. I wanted to send a thank-you card to everyone of them on the road right now, obviously that's impossible.... but making a card and displaying it on my jeep is not!

How cool would it be to flood our nations freeways with thank-you cards just like mine? I challenge you all to make one, display it and pass this along. Let's get this to all 50 states and let's send every trucker a thank-you card since their address right now is just miles of black top!

Thank you to all essential workers who are out there keeping us whole and thanks to those of you who are forced to stay home and flatten the curve. We all matter!


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