Let The Weinermobile Traveling Freakshow Begin! Yesterday Rep. Tony Weiner admitted to a twitter photo he sent to a young women, on accident. I must agree, things like this happen to me all the time, on accident.

Now, I'm not real sure how one sends a photo of his name sake by accident, sorry it just doesn't happen...but here are some of my 'accidents' that have accrued over the years.

  • One time when I was ten, I accidentally loaded my cousins bb gun and shot a hole in the TV set, oops!
  • One time I accidentally ripped the arms, legs and heads off my sisters Barbie Dolls, then they had my older sister Deena, accidentally, beat me up.
  • Speaking of my older sister, one time she handed me a football and told me to run, then she accidentally tackled me and broke my collar bone...snap! Then she accidentally grabbed my arm, the one attached to the broken collar, and drug me behind a tree so my mom couldn't here me screaming.
  • One time, me and my cousins Dave and Marty were playing hockey in their garage, and we accidentally broke three windows. Then my Uncle Dick made us pay for them, accidentally of course.
  • One time I accidentally got a speeding ticket, 120 plus in a 50 mph zone. The very angry Deputy accidentally gave me a speeding ticket, and then I had to accidentally get a Lawyer, who accidentally charged me a lot of money. I would like to thank the angry Deputy for not accidentally shooting me, my bad.
  • On occasion when I shared a house with two other people, I would accidentally turn the plastic runners we had in the hallway over,  so the pointy things were facing up. In the morning my room mate would accidentally step on them and accidentally cuss like a sailor because it hurt his feet. I would be in my room accidentally laughing my *%# off, sorry Al.

You see, there are many things that can happen on accident, so cut Mr. Weiner some slack. What have you done on accident?