An early morning wreck reminds us that drinking and driving is a NO-GO for us here in the Columbia Basin. Kennewick Police investigated an accident where a 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of DUI and Hit and Run.

The accident was posted on the Kennewick Police Department's Facebook page to remind drivers that driving under the influence is a one-way stop to jail.

DUI's escalate during the holiday season and KPD is reminding drivers that they'll be out on patrol looking for you if you choose to drink and drive.

Here is the account of this recent accident from the Kennewick Police Department:

If you have consumed alcohol or intoxicating substances play it safe and do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle.
Some national estimates put the expenses of a first time DUI offense at $6,000 to $10,000 when fines, lost wages, attorney fees, and other penalties are factored in.
We post about DUIs often because it is an unfortunate re-occurring offense that can have catastrophic consequences.
A 21-year-old Kennewick man was arrested last night after his vehicle struck two parked vehicles causing substantial damage. He then chose to flee the scene before later returning, in tow, with relatives to turn himself in.
In his own words, this was the scariest thing he has ever experienced in his life and he is lucky to be alive.
Please call a friend, call a taxi, assign a Designated Driver, or use a ride share.
If none of those is an option, maybe it’s NOT a good night to have a drink.
credit: kennewick police department
credit: kennewick police department
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