It's an attention-getting event, to say the least.

The latest round of anti-vax mandate protests sweeping Washington state are part of the "No, YOU Move" Rally coming Saturday, Oct. 2 from 1-4 at the State Capitol.

Citizens, whether vaccinated or not, are invited to leave a pair of shoes at the John Dam Plaza in Richland Thursday, 9-30 between the hours of 7 AM and 5 PM. Leave a personal note with them as to why you are against the mandate requiring many citizens in our state to be vaccinated.

No, You Move protest organizers- Facebook- used by permission
No, You Move protest organizers- Facebook- used by permission

Organizers emphasize this is NOT an anti-vaccination event, but an anti-mandate stand. They also remind people not to put their name on the note, but in a strong but civil manner to share their feelings.

Leave the note attached in some way with the shoes.

They will then be gathered and brought to Olympia with all the others. The premise comes from 'walk a mile in someone's shoes' to show support for them.

A previous such event was held recently which included dozens dropping off shoes and notes at the Kennewick School District Administration Building.

Organizers and supporters want to emphasize the vaccines are a personal medical decision, and no one but the person should be allowed to make it for them.

The "No, YOU Move" Rally is in response to the mandate, it's citizens telling the government they're not budging on this. For more information about the Shoes Event and the No YOU Move rally, click on the button below.



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