Too often celebrities and musicians are put on a pedestal to make them seem more important or out of touch with the lives of the average, everyday, person. Former American Idol contestant Lauren Alaina is not a part of that group.

Last weekend, the 17-year-old spent her free time attending a homecoming dance for a boy suffering from a terminal brain tumor.

George Mason University student Meredith Oare attended a Lauren Alaina show in Ashburn, VA and had the privilege to go backstage and meet the singer. Meredith is part of a t-shirt fundraiser for West Springfield High School student Jordan Trunfio.

Photo by Meredith Oare via WMZQ

Trunfio was diagnosed in January with a stage 3 Astrocytoma brain tumor. He's had radiation and chemotherapy, but the tumor has not responded and is still growing. When Meredith told Lauren Jordan's story, the country music star decided it would be fun to make an appearance to see Jordan at the dance.

Photo by Meredith Oare via WMZQ

The story gets even better as Jordan was named homecoming king! It's cool to hear these kind of stories, it always helps reassure my believe that not all celebrities do things for the money.

[Via WMZQ/The Boxer Show]