The picture that you see is my Homecoming Picture from the very first Homecoming that I ever asked a girl to. No Wait!

She asked me! I never will forget that fateful date in October 1976. I will tell you that everything went fine....dinner at Sizzler in Spokane....dancing to a live band at the top of the hotel. That was fun....I have no idea where this girl is now.

So that was the 1st home coming until 1979 I went to at least 3 more (yes with girls). There was one that I was sicker than a dog and I was going no matter WHAT!

There was the one girl that cancelled on me and I had to make a last ditch pleas for a date....I mean after all I had already bought the tickets right?

Lets not even mention that weird look that her parents gave me when I would come and pick up my date. Remember this? "Have her home by midnight" as her dad taps his watch