Emaciated mule and horse seized near Lind (ACSO)
Emaciated mule and horse seized near Lind (ACSO)

Thanks to a tip from a neighbor, a number of Adams County animals near Lind are being cared for.

Landowner facing 3 counts of 1st Degree Animal Cruelty

We now have more information on this animal cruelty case. On April 27th, the Adams County Sheriff's Office received a report of alleged neglected animals on a piece of property in the 700 block of South Longmeier Road, a location about 10 miles West of Washtucna just off Highway 26. You can see the ribs of these animals in these photos. The location is also west of the intersection of Highway 395 and 26.


Emaciated horse seized, one of two near Lind (ACSO)
Emaciated horse seized, one of two near Lind (ACSO)

Upon arriving at the scene, Deputies and investigators found two badly emaciated horses and a mule. On April 30th, with help from Adams County Animal rescue, they were confiscated along with two dogs and a cat.

 Property owner was not at the scene when the animals taken

On May 1st, warrants were executed at the location to the property owner, identified as 33-year-old Jared Potts of Lind. He was arrested and booked into the Adams County jail on 3 counts of 1st Degree Animal Cruelty, which is a Class C felony. 

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Not only are there financial penalties but various other terms may be handed down by a judge in cases such as these, including (from the revised code of Washington):

"Any person convicted of animal cruelty shall be prohibited from owning, caring for, possessing, or residing with any animals for a period of time as follows:

(a) Two years for a first conviction of animal cruelty in the second degree under RCW 16.52.207;
(b) Permanently for a first conviction of animal cruelty in the first degree under RCW 16.52.205;"
    The animals have been temporarily re-homed so they can be fed, cared for and returned to health.

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