With millions of records sold in armloads of Grammys to their credit, the members of Lady Antebellum are certified country music royalty — so perhaps vocalist Hillary Scott was feeling like a princess the other night in New Hampshire when she met a frog backstage.

And even though Scott’s already found her prince in fiance Chris Tyrell, who can blame a girl for wanting to see if magic will strike twice?

“Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince…This guy snuck into our show tonight in NH! Off to Maine now!” Scott told the band’s Twitter followers, attaching a picture of her intimate moment with the hoppy little guy.

All kidding aside, of course, Scott is busy planning her wedding to Tyrell, who proposed in July. “I’ve met the wedding planner a lot,” she said during a recent interview, “but going into this album and the tour, it will definitely still be something that I’m working on. But I tried to get a lot of the big decisions out of the way before all this is picked up. I haven’t gotten my dress yet. I’m starting to kinda stress about that.”

Something tells us that she’ll have plenty of other things to think about over the next several weeks, as the band releases its highly anticipated third album, ‘Own the Night,’ and hits the road for a promotional tour that will see them performing at the 2011 NFL kickoff concert and on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

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