Lady Antebellum are hittin' the bar in their 'Bartender' video, and they're taking two highly-touted celebrities -- Kate Upton and Tony Hale -- along with them.

The video begins with Upton (widely known for her work as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model) sitting at a vanity, talking on the phone to her friends, who are begging her to go out with them.

Among the friends that meet Upton at the bar (wearing her black high heels, of course), are Lady A's members Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley. They all take shots together and sip on margaritas, and Upton continues demanding more rounds. Each time they ready to throw back a new drink, a sign with the round number is held up.

The bartender in this LAdy A music video (played by Hale, known for his role on 'Arrested Development') proves to be quite the entertainer, with exaggerated facial expressions and a whole lot of fun up his sleeve. As the number of rounds goes up, he gets more and more ridiculous, and his antics are just as fun to watch as the gorgeous Upton and company.

At the very end, the bartender is left all alone ... with no money. Watch the video to see how it happens (and find out how many rounds the group got up to).

“I think we definitely captured the spirit of the song, but we also threw in some unexpected twists that the fans will love," says Kelley. “Kate and Tony took what could have been just another music video to a really cool place. I mean, pretty much every guy in America is in love with Kate Upton. And if I'm being totally honest, Dave and I now both have a little man-crush on Tony too…he's hilarious! Hands-down my favorite video we’ve ever done."