The Los Angeles Times claims residents of Seattle are "wimps" when it comes to dealing with snow. Seattlites aren't taking it lightly responding with snide remarks about L.A. drivers. 

I've lived in the Mid Columbia for 23 years now -- a transplant from the Seattle area -- and I have to admit I was a snow wimp when I moved here.

I recall putting chains on my car after just a few inches of snow fell in the Tri-Cities on a winter day in 1989. I was actually driving around on pavement with chains! I can still remember the looks I got from other drivers -- that look of "must be from the west-side of the state."

I laugh about it now and I can say confidently that a heavy snow storm, freezing rain, and dust storms don't bother me a bit.

I hate to say this Seattle, but I agree with the L.A. Times.  The vast majority of you are "wimps" when it comes to driving in the snow.

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