So once again I a making way to an appointment and yet there is another accident on the Blue Bridge. For years even with the fixes that they made a few years ago the traffic has still not improved. This time it looked to be at least 5 cars involved either by inattentive driving, driving too fast, or making a last nano second lane change. You can look at the major cause on the surface but the real underlying problem goes back to when the bridge was built in the 1960's.

The blue bridge has an unusual arch that is steeper than normal so you can't really tell what is happening w=once you get to the top of the bridge. If you have to deploy your brakes suddenly if the person behind you is not paying attention then it causes pandemonium.

I feel the solution to our problems lies within how fast we drive thru the area. Right now the posted speed limit is 55 mph which changes to 45 mph at the top of the bridge. As far as I can tell nobody pays attention to the posted speed limits. The State DOT needs to place Highway 395 North & Southbound from the I-182 interchange to the interchange at I-82 at no more than 45 mph and strictly enforce it. Including a photo/radar ticketing system placed on the Blue Bridge to snag offenders since there is no place to park a patrol car.

Slow down people! You will get to your destination no more than 1 or 2 minutes later if you just slow down. At least you will get to your destination alive and in one piece!

TAKE MY POLL! Let me know how you feel about slowing down traffic on Highway 395 and making it safer to get around the Tri-Cities!

Don't be in the same situation as these people were today!

Photo By Bear
Photo By Bear

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