The Kennewick School District has refused to negotiate with the Kennewick Education Association about overdue raises for teachers in the district, and now teachers from all over Tri-Cities are holding a rally today at 4pm.

The rally is being organized by the Kennewick Education Association at Lampson Stadium from 4-5 pm and then the group is going to march to KSD headquarters after for a demonstration.

They are upset because of millions of unused funds the District has received from the State to pay for teacher raises. The District says they don't have to give the raises until the end of their contract which is next year.

"They're making the choice...not to honor what the legislature had planned for this money, and to not pay the teachers in this district.” says Janet Bell, president of the Kennewick Education Association (KEA).

There is already a shortage for teachers in the District and now there might be lots of teachers wanting to leave for better paying jobs elsewhere, according to reports.

It's going to be disastrous. People will leave this district if there's better pay.” says Bell.

The business manager for the district replied, "if they want to jump the river into another district, let them jump."

The KEA calls the response "a slap in the face."


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