I'm willing to bet that the officers who broke the passenger side window of a car with a passed-out woman inside don't consider it anything more than just doing their job. I call them heroes.

Police blared sirens and air horns and she wouldn't budge. That's pretty scary. If you've ever had alcohol poisoning (shamefully, I have) then you know that there's a high probability you're close to knocking on death's door. Of course, she may have been on prescribed medications or any one of a number of things, but the chance of suffocation or dangerously low heart rate demanded immediate medical attention. And that's just what the officers involved did. This is National Police Week and I completely and totally BACK THE BLUE for reasons just like this. Those that scream DEFUND THE POLICE should never be allowed to call on them if they need them. Let's see how that works out. But naturally, the cops will be there when needed...for everybody. Thank you, officers, near and far, for all you do.

DUI Arrest - This morning officers got a call reference a reckless vehicle. The vechicle was driving erratically and...

Posted by Kennewick Police Department on Sunday, May 9, 2021



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