If you steal a vehicle in the Tri-cities, how long do you think you can drive it around before getting caught? If you rob people at knifepoint in the Tri-cities, how long do you think that can continue before police track you down? If you resist arrest, do you prefer a taser, rubber bullets, Or the beanbag shotgun? In case you're having a hard time deciding, all 3 of those will make you comply! Well, I'm not sure what kind of non-lethal compliance they decided to use, but that's what happened to a guy who's been robbing people at knifepoint in Kennewick recently. Yes, the vehicle was stolen, and yes they finally caught up to him. Nobody likes to go to jail so naturally, he fled. But they managed to get him into custody, and I guess his fear of jail is not as great as mine. I generally obey the law in order to stay out of jail. And because I'm not a thieving scumbag...so there's that.



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