When I was eight or nine, I had a little red bicycle. Nothing fancy. But all the cool kids had banana seats and monkey bars. If you don't know what those are, you'll have to Google them, because I'm obviously too old and feeble to go into that now LOL. I begged my dad to give me the high-rise handlebars and a banana seat. I had a rather plain-looking old-fashioned bicycle. For my birthday, I got what looked like a brand new bike! Dad put on raised handlebars, a banana seat, and the monkey bar on the back! I was elated. About a week later that bicycle was stolen. My mother called the police, and the nice officer took the time to drive me around the neighborhood looking for my bike. We never did find it (but I got to sit in the front seat of a police car!). I was fortunate enough that my parents could afford to buy me a new bicycle, but that's not the case with all kids. And I never really got over losing that red bicycle that was customized just for me. So that's why I think it's so important to get this scumbag, and others like him, off the streets. Being a kid is tough enough sometimes without having to deal with the sadness of being a victim of theft.


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