While some folks think tanning salons are dangerous and can cause things like skin cancer, others think they provide the skin with Vitamin D and that's a good way to get it. Oh, who am I kidding. Anyone who goes to a tanning salon probably isn't worried about vitamins. Except in Alaska where the sun doesn't shine much in winter. (True...just about every laundry mat has a tanning salon business connected with it too, in the Anchorage area, anyway).

When the government said everything like tanning salons has to shut down, at least one in Kennewick decided to stay open and turn on the ultra violet lights. Now they've been fined nearly $10k. So they started a Go Fund Me page to hire an attorney.

Whether you'd like to support their cause or just read more on the story, click the link below.


797 Summit Street, Richland


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