The Mask Mandate has been lifted, but you can still wear a mask if you want to, right?

Not if you walk into Markee's Cycling Center in Kennewick. They have had it with thieves and are putting a new policy in place. No Masks Allowed!

A mask-wearing thief just made off with a $2,000 bike, and naturally, his identity is hidden. They have had enough.

The owner of the store is not being ridiculous about it though. If wearing a mask is important to your health, they're simply going to ask you to drop your mask and look at the camera to identify yourself.

Oh and by the way, if you know anybody who has a brand new $2,000 Marin Riftzone 1 that is gray silver, and black, you might want to contact the authorities.

Full story from KEPR-TV HERE.


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