In their nationwide sixth annual ranking of best places to trick-or-treat, Kennewick comes up strong at #5 in a new study conducted by SmartAsset.

SmartAsset looked at metrics including crime rates, housing density, and historical weather data for October 31st to find the best places in America to trick-or-treat and Kennewick ranks in the fifth spot! It's exciting news for us Tri-Citians!


Here is another few findings according to the survey:

Kennewick has the lowest historical precipitation chances on Halloween in the study, at just 0.5%. The average maximum temperature in this city on Halloween is around 58 degrees Fahrenheit, so the weather should be well suited for a night of spooky fun. There is a relatively high percentage of residents under the age of 15, so there should be plenty of trick-or-treaters in the city as well. The average home value in Kennewick is $235,700, which ranks in the middle of all 256 cities analyzed in terms of affordability.

It's no wonder why Kennewick is one of the best places to Trick-Or-Treat, thanks to safety and other numbers, Kennewick should be proud of their nationwide 5th place placement as one of the top places to trick or treat in the nation. You can check out more details on the survey here.




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