Press release from the Kennewick Police Department and the Certified Protection Professionals:

The all too familiar IRS Scam calls seem to be coming in fast and furious in Kennewick. Over two dozen Kennewick residents have reported to Police today receiving calls claiming to represent the IRS. These all too familiar calls claim that a warrant exists for failing to make payments to the IRS and that local law enforcement will be arriving shortly to haul you away. The IRS does not make these calls, and in fact communicates by written correspondence only. Local law enforcement will not be picking you up on non-existent warrants. These scam phone calls are aimed at parting your cash from you and into the pockets of the scammer. If you get a call like this, hang up on them. If you get a recorded message from them, delete it. Don't call them back and don't engage with them. It's a scam so don't waste your time. The phone number that shows up on your phone is not where the call is coming from, so unless you have suffered a financial loss, it is not necessary to report it to police. Remember-If you get a call saying the IRS is sending someone to arrest you, it's a scam.

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