I have a friend who works in customer service on the phone and she gets phone calls like this all day..."Yes, I bought seven $100 gift cards and sent photos of them as instructed, but my account is still locked..."

Believe it or not, but folks fall for the gift card scam over and over. Usually a scammer will email or call you, telling you that you must purchase Amazon, Walmart or other gift cards in $100 increments to pay a bill, a fine or unlock an account. I think many are elderly and unsure of how computer accounts or online payments work. But some are just frazzled enough to not be thinking straight when they are accused of being delinquent on a payment or have an account that isn't working correctly. Sometimes the scammer will ask that you mail the gift cards to them, but quite often they want you to take pictures of the front and back of the cards and email that to them.

Well, Kennewick Police have a pretty good idea here to help people think before they buy a gift card, unless it's for a gift for a family member or something. They'll be post signs or placards in grocery stores and drug stores or where ever gift cards are sold, to warn people they might be the victim of a scam before they buy.

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