What is it with all the scamming going on? The Kennewick Police Department is warning us of the latest scam involving someone impersonating an officer.

Several Kennewick residents reported that they received phone calls from "Commander" or Officer Guerrero. The culprit informs the person that they have a warrant for their arrest.

THIS IS A SCAM. No one from the Kennewick Police Department will ever call someone to notify them of warrants for their arrest. It's an attempt to scam people into paying money to avoid being arrested. You cannot pay your way out of an arrest. If you have an active warrant, Police will attempt to locate you personally and arrest you.

If you receive such a call, Police advise you to hang up immediately. It's a common scam that shows on caller ID as "Sheriff" or "IRS". The IRS NEVER calls people. When they want to get in touch, they send a certified letter.

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