As if we don't already receive enough telemarketing calls, we also have more scammers to be aware of. Franklin Public Utility District wants you to be made aware of another scam, targeting customers. They've received many reports of people getting calls telling them that their account is past due.  The caller states that the account must be paid immediately in full, or else their electric service will be cut off.

If you get such a call, and you don't know the details of your current bill, Franklin PUD suggests that you hang up on the call.  Then, call Franklin PUD, at 509-547-5591.

I don't know about you, but I average 3 or more unwanted telemarketing calls on a daily basis.  I always press 2, to be removed from the no-call list. It seems I've been getting so many more spamming calls since COVID-19 hit.  One cannot be too careful.

A few months back, I used an online information service to get a phone number.  In the following months, my ATM card was billed for $24.95. I remembered using this service ONCE.  I had no idea that I was to be billed monthly.  $24.95 is a little steep to get one phone number.

I called the information number on my banking statement.  It was very easy to have the charge eliminated.  The company sent an email confirmation of the cancellation.  If you don't recognize a charge, question it.

And, if you question a caller stating that you need to pay your Franklin PUD bill immediately, hang up.  Call Franklin PUD at 509-547-5591 and get to the bottom of it.  Don't be scammed. 

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