I got pretty excited when I heard that the Kennewick Police Dept. was going to launch a new YouTube channel! I mean, what was the original reality TV show? COPS! I know that they are going to use this Channel for award ceremonies, special announcements, and things like Breakfast with the Chief.

But what I'm really hoping is that they post bodycam footage of taking down bad guys!  (is that still allowed?) High-Speed police chases! (Is that still allowed?) And pulling a car thief out of the vehicle he just wrecked and politely propping him over the hood to cuff him gently. (Yeah, that's probably allowed LOL.)

I am a strong supporter of police and can't even imagine the level of human filth they have to deal with daily. And I understand that there are bad cops, but I have no problem with cops you using necessary force to subdue criminal scum. Will we see any of that on this channel? In today's world? Man, I sure as hell hope so.

I do love to watch cops in action, though!

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