Some people shouldn't be pet owners.

Kennewick Police encountered an unusual incident Friday night after a man abandoned his best friend at a fast-food drive-through.

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Officers were called out to perform a welfare check in the drive-through of a local fast-food restaurant in the 7500 block of West Clearwater Avenue. Upon arrival around 10 pm, police located a man slumped over in his car, which was stopped in the drive-through.

According to the Kennewick Police Department Facebook:

Shortly after the male regained consciousness and viewed his surroundings he backed up his sedan into a pole and proceeded to take a hard right turn. The vehicle came to an abrupt stop after colliding with a tree. The suspect exited his vehicle and fled, leaving the scene of a collision without exchanging information. After a short foot pursuit, the suspect was taken into custody at a nearby church.

Kennewick Police Department Facebook page.
Kennewick Police Department Facebook page.

The suspect was apprehended and taken to the Benton County Jail.

The suspect faces numerous charges including resisting arrest and hit and run. His faithful companion, "Bella" followed her owner throughout the entire pursuit. She was safely secured and turned over to Tri-Cities Animal Control. They'll take good care of her while her owner is in custody at the Benton County Jail.

I hope Bella gets a better deal out of this unfortunate situation. Poor pup. Some people shouldn't have pets. Thank you Kennewick Police and Tri-Cities Animal Control for being there for Bella. That dog must've been scared out of her mind. she deserves better.

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