After a 28-year career, Kennewick Police Commander Aaron Clem is retiring.

Thursday was Clem's last day of service with the Kennewick Police Department. A gathering was held to celebrate his years of dedication to protecting the communities he's served throughout his career.

Kennewick Police Department-Facebook
Kennewick Police Department-Facebook
“It has been an honor to serve alongside the Officers of KPD. They are a very dedicated an amazing group and it has been a privilege to work with them.”
Kennewick Police Department-Facebook
Kennewick Police Department-Facebook

Commander Clem graduated from Hanford High School, Columbia Basin College, and Central Washington University. He went on to work for the Benton Franklin Juvenile Justice Center and the Yakima Police Department.

Clem was then hired by the Kennewick Police Department in June of 1996.

He's done it all, from working patrol as a crimes against property detective, Benton County Regional SWAT team member, Tri-City Metro Drug Task Force Detective, Gang Detective, and 11 years as a Detective. Later, he became a supervisor, on the FBI Safe Streets Task Force. In 2014, Clem was promoted to Corporal and then Sergeant in 2016.  He then went on to be the Department Public Information Officer as a Lieutenant, and ultimately, became a Commander in 2021.

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As a former reporter, I had communication with Commander Clem on various incidents.

I remember one in particular, where a suspect was being called out of a home. Measures were taken to get the perpetrator out. Clem warned all of us reporters at the scene of what was about to happen, and made sure of our safety. I was grateful. And later, he called with details, so I could report the incident accurately.

Wishing you all the best Commander Clem. Thank you for your service. Enjoy retirement. You deserve it.

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