Here's what's really scary about peeping toms, aside from the obvious because nobody wants someone looking into their bedroom. Very often, this kind of perverted activity is just a precursor to more violent behavior like rape. A grown man that pleasures himself while peering at underage girls (as was in this case), is a sexual deviant and needs to be locked up. I've never understood why sexual predators are ever released. They nearly always reoffend. They are damaged goods and can not be fixed by a temporary penalty. Window peeping generally leads to a sexual attack which often then leads to murder.

In this Kennewick case, the creep is a 48 year old male, caught on a Ring camera looking into the bedroom of young teen girls. According to reports, it's pretty obvious what he's doing to himself as he spies on them. Pretty damn sick. This happened a month ago and authorities have him behind bars now. See his picture from the camera footage and read the whole story below. Keep your blinds closed at night and your children safe...sick people are literally everywhere.


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