Stolen bike and the owner has an offer someone may not be able to refuse!
James Cavanah is offering a reward of 300 dollars OR he is offering to buy a new bike for whoever stole it, with no questions asked! He did however say there will be some yelling and that is non-negotiable!
The bike was last seen on 6/23/2021, literally just hours after James had been riding it. He had the bike locked up in the bed of his truck when it was stolen, the thief even got the lock! It was stolen out of the Meadow springs area, closer to Greenbrook & Sheridan, (Walgreens / Leslie) This is a rare bike and he just wants it back!
The bike is a Giant Stance, model number #G7FA42823, it is Metallic purple, L, 29er. and it was purchased from Scotts Cycling, in Kennewick.
If you have any information or spot this bike you can call James at 509-554-8725. Let's help James get his bike back, it is his one true passion in life and with the bike shortage because of the pandemic replacing it will not be easy!
I personally believe if James does end up buying a new bike for the thief it should be a tiny pink bike with training wheels on it, because this person clearly needs some retraining!

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