Two sought-after suspects in Kennewick are behind bars after being on the run on several charges including kidnapping and assault of a female victim. Kennewick Police had been pursuing them after reports of kidnapping and assaulting a 36-year old female in Kennewick on December 1st. KPD after a SWAT stand-off last night, arrested the final suspect in the case.

The incident occurred on December 1st at 119 N Volland St in Kennewick. Kennewick Police filed the report and here are the details:

On December 1, 2020, officers responded to a reported kidnapping and assault. Upon contact with the 36-year-old female victim, it was reported that she had gone to 119 N Volland St, Kennewick, WA, a suspected drug location, to purchase narcotics. Once inside she was allegedly detained and held against her will while being assaulted and robbed. The victim was later released and was treated at an area hospital for minor injuries.

The initial report was forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Division who developed probable cause to believe the incident occurred at 119 N Volland St and identified Sergio Delgado and Kristin Link as the suspects. On December 3, 2020, at about 8:00 am the Tri-City Regional SWAT Team and investigators executed a search warrant at the location in hopes of locating evidence of the crime and the suspects involved.

During the search of the residence Investigators located items believed to be associated with the crimes, including firearms.

Kennewick Police finally located Delgado and Link - KPD reported arresting them:

Since the initial report on December 1, 2020, detectives from the Kennewick Police Department have been following every lead and have been working with our partners from the United States Marshal's Service (USMS) in an attempt to locate Delgado and Link and take them into custody for the alleged crimes of Kidnapping 1st Degree, Assault 1st Degree and Robbery 1st Degree.

Link was located and taken custody while leaving an area hotel on December 21, 2020.

Last night on February 2nd, 2021, after being located in Benton City, WA by the USMS, and a third SWAT operation since December 1, 2020, Delgado was taken into custody. After being taken into custody and cleared at an area hospital, Delgado will be booked into Benton County Jail for the above charges.

Both suspects are now behind bars but if you have any information concerning this case, reach out to the Kennewick Police Department.

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