Murder. I watch a lot of murder. Forensic Files, Murder Comes to Town, Swamp Murders, I'd Kill For You, Dateline, 48 Hours, you name it. I'm not fascinated with act of murder, but what goes into solving the crime. The tiniest details like a drop of blood the size of a pinhead or a shoe print invisible to the naked eye. And when these programs feature a story about a serial killer, more often than not it is discovered that the guilty party started out killing and mutilating cats and dogs. That's what's really scary there an apprentice serial killer among us?

What started out as a $1000 reward for catching the Kennewick cat killer, who now has 7 mutilated and decapitated animals under his belt, has grown to a whopping $4000 reward thanks to the owner of Just Joel's in Kennewick.


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