The man who made national headlines in September for allegedly sexually assaulting an injured beaver in Columbia Park will have his trial delayed indefinitely, because his attorney has requested he undergo a psychiatric evaluation. It's possible he may not go to trial at all, depending upon the results of the exam.

35-year-old Richard Delp was arrested September 3rd after a witness who stopped to help the injured animal in Columbia Park returned to the scene after calling police, and saw Delp lying on the ground on the animal with his pants down.  He was found with a drug syringe and was also charged with possession of meth. The animal had been hit by a car, and the woman had stopped to check on it. The subsequent investigation revealed he had indeed assaulted or attempted to assault the animal.

The story made national headlines. He was due to have a trial scheduled but his attorney requested the examination, it was done October 23rd. It is possible, depending upon the results, that Delp may not be found competent to stand trial.

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