After posting on illuminated road signs that work on Keene Rd. in Richland would begin July 15th, the delay is over and tons of construction vehicles were moving into position at 5 a.m. today. It looks like the orange cones will be in place for 5 days or so, as crews begin patchwork between Queensgate and Dupourtail. The real mess will come from lane closures and I noticed that there will be NO LEFT TURN for a while from eastbound Keene onto Dupourtail. This means planning ahead and turning onto Kennedy before you get to Dupourtail, or going down to Queensgate and then do a little backtracking (like if you wanted to get to Walmart).

Depending on where you live or what store in the Queensgate area you're heading to, remember the new Dupourtail Bridge can come in handy. I often forget about it and cost myself extra time and miles.

If you travel all the way up Keene westbound to Van Giesen, remember they are constructing a new police facility for the West Richland Police Department there. There are plenty of orange cones in that area and there is road widening in progress. Reduced speed limits around there, also.

Another area to watch is highway 395 and Ridgeline Drive in Kennewick. They are constructing a new interchange there that will be completed by the fall of 2022. It will include another traffic light. Really? Fall of 2022? Well, I guess with retaining walls, drainage pipes, concrete barriers, and sewage lines, it's not really a weekend project.



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