We've been watching this for weeks and weeks and finally, there seems to be an agreement in place so hundreds of Kadlec nurses won't go on strike

Besides being able to keep all of their current PTO (Personal Time Off) Kadlec nurses are getting a 10% wage increase which will accrue over the next few years!

The Nurses are expected to ratify the contract soon here are some highlights:

•    Maintains current total PTO accruals and total PTO caps for ALL current WSNA nurses (including 0.45FTE).
•    Maintains all existing EIB accruals and allows them to be used for all purposes currently allowed, as well as for topping off to 100% of regular wages for short term disability or Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave benefit.
•    Secures Short-Term Disability benefit to be maintained at a minimum of 65% and allows employee's choice to use PTO or EIB to top off 100% of regular wages for STD.
•    Enhanced staffing language mandates that changes to the staffing plan be discussed with the staffing committee before implementation and allows a WSNA staff representative to attend staffing committee meetings.
•    Recognizes nurses' discretion to remove themselves from a patient who they believe presents an immediate risk of violence and work with manager to develop a plan to assure nurse safety and appropriate safe patient care.
•    Total wage increase of 10% over the life of this contract  3% effective 12/27/2019, 2.5% Jan 1, 2020, 2% Jan 1, 2021, 2.5% Jan 1, 2022 with expiration on Oct. 31, 2022.
•    Ratification bonus of $1500 for 0.9-1.0FTE, prorated below 0.9FTE and $250 for per diems.
•    Medical plan increases up to 10% blended rate for 2019, 2020, 2021.
•    Maintain same low census language as previous contracts.
•    Nurses hired at 0.5FTE or above following ratification would move to the new proposed PTO plan.
•    Nurses employed at ratification may choose to migrate to the new proposed PTO plan within 45 days of ratification


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