Kadlec Hospital in Richland has just revised its visitation policy amid concerns over COVID-19. 

Here are the new guidelines for all Kadlec Facilities:

Kadlec is committed to providing a safe, healing, patient-centered care environment. While hospital visitation or accompanying a patient for a medical appointment by family, friends and designated care partners is valuable, there are times when limitations must be placed on incoming visitors to reduce the potential spread of disease. This is one of those times.

Due to the prevalence of influenza in the community, and the Governor’s emergency declaration regarding the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, Kadlec is asking that patients only bring one care partner with them when they visit.

This applies for visits to:

• The hospital campus in Richland
• The Freestanding Emergency Department in Kennewick
• Any Kadlec Clinic, urgent care or express care clinic
• Kadlec Healthplex
• Kadlec Outpatient Imaging Center at 945 Goethals
• Tri-Cities Regional Surgery Center, Kadlec Ambulatory Surgery Center

Additionally, we ask that anyone who has had a cough and fever within the past 48 hours to please not come into a Kadlec facility unless they are seeking medical care. This will allow us to retain important personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks for staff providing direct care to patients. If you are not seeking emergency care, and you intend to come to one of our facilities for care with these symptoms, please call ahead to the location you will visit prior to going.

At the hospital we will also close the Orchard Pavilion entry (the entry near the corner of Swift Blvd. and Stevens Drive). This means all patients must come through the Main Entrance (Vineyard Pavilion) to access the building. The exception is for patients seeking emergency care who should proceed directly to the emergency department, which has its own outside entrance.

We would like to thank you for your partnership in helping us reduce the number of people in our facilities. This allows us to focus on caring for our patients and support community containment efforts to reduce the spread of infectious disease.

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