2019 was a big year for babies born in the Tri-Cities more than 2,800 babies were born at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland alone. Popular baby names seem to change year by year here are the Top Baby names for boys and girls born at Kadlec hospital in 2019

From Kadlec Regional Medical Center Press Release:

2019 Top Boys Names: Mateo (16) Liam (14) Jayden (12) Sebastian (12) Ezra (11) David (10) Henry (10) Lucas (10) Benjamin (9) Elijah (9)

Other popular boys’ names at Kadlec in 2019 include Aaron, Adriel, Angel and Anthony.

2019 Top Girls Names: Sofia/Sophia (33) Isabella (19) Mia (16) Emily (15) Abigail (14) Camila (13) Madison (13) Harper (12) Amelia (11) Ava (11) Emma (11)

A few of the other popular girls’ names in 2019 include Ellie, Olivia, Charlotte and Genesis.

For a historical perspective. In reviewing past lists, the most popular boys’ name in 2000 was Jacob, followed by Matthew, Jaden, Zachary and Taylor. For girls in 2000, it was Emily, Sidney, Madison, Alexis and Taylor.


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