Winter Has Come to Prosser. Well, not exactly. According to the Prosser Police Department received reports of a man walking around town with a sword on July 25th. The man was reported to be a Hispanic male, about 18-19 years old. He was seen around the 6th and Mead wearing black shorts and a red and white striped shirt carrying the sword with the handle sticking out of the top of his shirt. When officers responded, the male hid and then eluded police. There was a similar report on July 15th, so the male probably lives in the area.

Frederick M. Brown
Kit Harrington Courtesy of Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

I'm not sure if the sword was real, or just some Game of Thrones cosplay, but pretty sure he was up to no good if he ran when the cops came. It's great to be in to a show, buddy, but you're taking it to a new level! If you see or know anything, you can report it to the Prosser PD at (509) 786-1500. My guess is, once he slays the dragons, the streets of Prosser will be safe again. ;)

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