The verdict for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's defamation trial was finally announced Wednesday (June 1), bringing with it a flood of reactions from viewers and fans online.

Over the weeks, the trial garnered countless fan reactions via Twitter, TikTok and more, including edits and memes about both parties involved.

So naturally, the internet had a lot to say after the the jury presented their unanimous decision that Depp won in the case against his ex-wife Heard, who for her part was only able to prove one count of defamation in her own case according to the jury.

As fans awaited the livestream announcement from the courtroom — Depp was not present — the judge announced a slight delay due to the jury's failure to fill out a necessary form.

One Twitter user wrote, "How did the jury go out there without a damage assessment? I mean...this is so basic."

Check out more responses to the jury delay, below:

When the jury finally came back and the livestream was up and running once again, commenters flooded social media.

As the questions and answers were read, user @andreacandotv noted, "I have never heard so many 'yes[es]' in my life."

Meanwhile, others' responses got straight to the point:

Depp fans weighed in with memes and passion:

On the other hand, some stuck by Heard under the hashtag #IStandWithAmberHeard:

Check out more responses from fans, below:

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