This Friday, a start-up from the city of Spokane Valley will be on ABC-TV's Shark Tank.

Swim with the Sharks

Shark Tank, ABC-TV
Shark Tank, ABC-TV

When I say the words Shark Tank, odds are you can hear the percussive "bum-bum, bum-bum," music in your head.

You can see Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, and "Mr. Wonderful" sitting in their chairs, waiting for some hopeful inventors to enter the room and pitch their one-in-a-million idea.

And you try to guess whether one of the sharks will invest in that idea...

Or be the first to say, "for that reason, I'm out."

Meet Spokane's Shark Tank Entrepeneur

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Friday's episode features Tim Loucks and his Spokane Valley-based business SquareKeg, makers of - you guessed it - square kegs.

SquareKeg believes that beer on tap is the best way to enjoy beer. They're not wrong. And their mission is making affordable kegs that can fit neatly into your home refrigerator or cooler.

SquareKeg, Square One
SquareKeg, Square One

Well, that's only partly true. SquareKeg's SquareOne product is small enough that it's portable, meaning you can bring it to a friend's party, or on a boat, in a camper... You know what portable means.

So, Did the Sharks Say Yay or Nay?

First of all, the Sharks don't talk like that.

Secondly, it's a big secret until the episode airs this Friday, November 11th at 8pm on ABC-TV.

But I hope they do well. It seems like a cool product. And I'm always happy when a spotlight shines on someone doing good things in Spokane.

How to Get Your Own SquareKeg

You don't have to wait for Shark Tank's approval (finger's crossed) to get your own SquareOne portable SquareKeg. They're available on Amazon right now.

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