School is officially back in session. Students all over the country are back in the classroom, and you may notice that some of these students are a little furrier than others.

Scrolling through the magical world of TikTok we came across a ton of videos of fluffy friends on their best behavior in class.

What are some benefits of having pets in the classroom?

According to Pets in the Classroom, some of the benefits of having animals in class are that they can instill responsibility in students, bring awareness to feelings and needs of others, and can generally lessen tension in class. Plus, they're just so darn cute.

Are animals allowed in classrooms?

Schools must give authorization to allow animals on the property. Unless, it's a service animal. The Americans with Disabilities Act permits students with disabilities that use a service animal meeting the ADA definition to have the animal at school.

It's highly likely that the animals in these videos are either service animals or have been OK'd to be in class. But, even if they weren't, how can anyone resist these sweet faces?

From paws to pencils, here are some adorable videos of the cutest classroom companions.

This good boy is looking dapper in his glasses and plaid shirt as he listens intently to the lecture.

This sweet girl is pretty in pink as she shows off her service dog skills while taking a little snooze in class.

Who let the dogs out? Students brought their pups to school as a senior prank.

This bring your "dog" to school day went a little differently than expected...

Furry friends aren't the only ones showing up at school, feathered ones are too!

There's nothing like watching a dog beg for some belly scratches to calm your nerves before a big test.

There's no doubt that having animals in school can make the day better. Just watching these videos made ours.

Does your dog have the brains to be in the classroom? Their breed may have a little something to do with that.

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