"We treat everyone the same." Those are the words from Thomas Meister who is the Chief Customs Office Spokesperson in Munich, Germany. According to an AP News Entertainment Instagram post, he was stopped at the airport on Thursday, January 18 for a routine check.

I can confirm that Mr. Schwarzenegger was checked by Customs at the airport in Munich and he was there for a while. We had to work through a few things and there's no special status for us and we treat everyone the same. If we find something, action will be taken, and if I find something then criminal tax proceedings are initiated. That's standard for us. He also had the opportunity to consult a lawyer.

During this routine check, The Terminator star and former California Governor was detained for three hours according to the Hollywood Reporter all because of a luxury custom-made Audemars Piguet wristwatch found in his luggage worth $30,000.

Arnold didn't declare the timepiece according to Time Magazine so criminal tax proceedings were initiated against him. The Predator actor told customs officials that he didn't declare it since he planned to auction it for his non-profit Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative in his home country of Austria at a fundraising event in the town of Kitzbühel

German officials reportedly charged the Total Recall and Kindergarten Cop star around $38,000. This includes more than $4,000 in tax value and more than $5,000 in penalty charges for not declaring the luxury piece according to Time Magazine.

The former Mr. Universe bodybuilding champion eventually paid all the fines and taxes according to CNN. 

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