Country music fans across the nation have had their eye on Loretta Lynn's granddaughter, Emmy Russell, as she competes on American Idol in 2024. And while many are being introduced to her for the first time, it's by no means Russell's first time performing on stage.

While scrolling her social media, you'll find several moments with Russell singing in front of an audience — and on some pretty big stages, no less. In fact, she has delighted crowds alongside her "memaw" while the late Lynn was still doing live shows.

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Because of her country music heritage, Russell has had some incredible experiences in her musical career before she even stepped onto the American Idol set. However, that hasn't eliminated all of her nerves.

Russell has been battling some insecurities during her time on the show. She's overcome a lot of the pressure put on her because of who her grandmother is and — with the help of Jelly Roll — her personal fears of losing her dreams before they even begin.

Here are some places you've probably seen Emmy Russell before her audition on Idol.

Emmy Russell Performs With Grandmother Loretta Lynn

While Lynn was still doing live shows, she would sometimes give Russell a chance to enjoy the spotlight. She would often cover a song and then sing an original — like "Memaw's Guitar" — that she wrote, which was at the advice of Lynn.

"While performing I would sing one song everyone knew, which was ‘If I Die Young.’ And then I'd sing an original song," she tells the Biscuits & Jam Podcast. "Memaw always told me to do that, 'cause everyone wants to sing along with you. But then if you want to share your heart, do that too, but not too much."

Emmy Russell Sings "Lay Me Down" at Loretta Lynn Tribute

Russell was on hand to perform during CMT's Coal Miner's Daughter: A Celebration of the Life and Music of Loretta Lynn. It was a special moment when she took the stage to sing "Lay Me Down" with Willie Nelson's son, Lukas Nelson. Nelson and Loretta Lynn originally recorded the song for her 2016 album, Full Circle.

The tribute aired on Oct. 31, 2022, with an extensive lineup of special guests and performances, including Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, Alan Jackson and more.

Emmy Russell Makes Her Grand Ole Opry Debut

Like so many country artists dream to do, Russell has stepped into the circle at the Grand Ole Opry. Not only did she get to carry on the tradition established by her memaw, but she also played Lynn's guitar while singing "Memaw's Guitar." The instrument was gifted to Russell before the country veteran died.

“Memaw passed me down her guitar when I was 15 at the Ryman Auditorium, Grand Ole Opry, and she said, ‘You're the one that can do it,’" Russell recounts on the Biscuits & Jam Podcast.

"She always thought I had this spark about me ever since I was a little kid, and she felt that she needed to give me the guitar as the torch in a way, or the mantle," she continues. "And Lord knows it if I can't hold that. That's too much. She wrote like, all these, ‘Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin,’ just these big songs on that guitar. It holds a lot of history."

How Far Does Emmy Russell Make It on American Idol?

Russell is competing on Season 22 of American Idol and is currently in the Top 20 heading into Sunday night's episode on April 14. The next elimination will narrow the competition down to the Top 14.

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays on ABC.

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