Elle King is sharing her story of post-partum health — both mental and physical.

The singer shared a lengthy update on social media on Wednesday (Aug. 23), about two years after giving birth to her son, Lucky, in early 2021. During her pregnancy, King says, she weighed 284 pounds — and the weight, along with the postpartum depression she suffered after Lucky's birth, was taking a toll on her mental health.

"I fell into a very deep depression during my pregnancy," King explains. "I also didn't even realize how intense postpartum depression is until I very slowly began to crawl out. I felt trapped in my body. I couldn't even sing."

So, she began making small changes.

"I am a creature of habit, so I changed my f--king habits," she writes, explaining that she began incorporating "metabolic workouts" and "light cardio" into her exercise routine. In her post, King shared her typical on-the-road workout routine.

King also emphasized that she didn't take any weight loss pills during the journey.

"I can't believe I even have to say this, but no, I am not on any weight loss medication," she wrote. "I have PCOS and am pre-diabetic. My diabetic grandfather died when I was 10 years old. I watched him prick his finger and give himself shots."

Even more important than dropping pounds, she continues, was creating lasting change that would help her be a happier, healthier performer, parent and person.

"I thought I wanted to lose weight, but it's so much more. My BRAIN functions better on the days I move my body," King comments, stressing that the process wasn't an overnight fix, and that it took her over a year to see meaningful changes. "I've been tiny, I've been huge, BUT RIGHT NOW I'M HEALTHY," she added.

"I just hope to live a long, wonderful, healthy life where I can drink a lot, eat fish, laugh as much as I can and die happy," she concludes.

King has a busy fall ahead. She's scheduled to join Jelly Roll on a few stops of his Backroad Baptism Tour, followed by a stint opening for The Chicks' World Tour.

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