Since Halloween is right around the corner, I recently asked some of our listeners to share with me some haunted and creepy urban legends of Washington state. Their responses sent chills up one of my legs!

I grew up in Nashville, and there were some pretty freaky and horrifying urban legends that I loved hearing about. I am not superstitious or easily creeped out, yet the tale of the Montgomery Bell Witch always frightened me.

Legend has it that if you look into a mirror and say, "I hate The Bell Witch!" three times in a row, she will appear in your mirror. I have tried it many times and she hasn't appeared in my mirror-YET.

The Montgomery Bell Witch in the Mirror Urban Legend in Tennessee

Here are ten of the spooky tales lurking about Washington state.


Swamp Lady near Granger:

Swamp Lady of Granger Baby

She lost her baby and legend has it you could hear her at night crying for it..” - Patty R.


“Fort Simcoe.” Michelle D.


“The never ending hole on Manastash Ridge (Mel’s Hole).” Vennessa B. 


“There is a house [in downtown Yakima] on S.6th Street and E Chestnut on the right that is supposed to be haunted. It’s an old 2-story house.” Byron S.


“Phantom hitchhiker on North Track Road between Wapato & Toppenish. You will pick up them up, then they will disappear from your inside your car, sometime later.” Heather H.

Phantom Hitchhiker of Wapato and Toppenish

“Capitol Theatre has a spirit (named Shorty).” Sonia P.

Shorty, the Capitol Theatre Ghost
Capitol Theatre/Canva

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“There’s a ghost that pushes your car uphill in the Sunnyside and Toppenish area.” Amber F.

Gravity Hill, on the outskirts of the Prosser and Grandview area!” Fran G. 

Gravity Hill Ghost Pushes Your Car Up the Hill
Google Maps/Canva


“Native people up and down the Northwest Coast and perhaps in many other areas have spoken of little, wild human-type beings that live in the forest. If a good person is lost in the woods, The Stick Indian will guide him to safety; whereas, a bad person will be led deeper into the forest. The Stick Indian also steals badly behaved children, and Coyote, the Trickster, is always involved to show us how not to behave, or to have fun in a mischievous manner.” Tonna K. 


“Northtown Coffee House was an old crematorium, and it is said that they found human fingernail scratchings on the insides of the old incinerator!!!” J.D.


“The cement slab in Celebration Park [in Federal Way] that is said to house some kind of monster or demon where double doors were once locked.” J.D.


“There's an underground Yakima near The Golden Wheel Restaurant and the old Dragon Inn. The City says underground Yakima, where opioids were once smuggled, is too dangerous for access to the public.” J.D.

The Lotus Room + Golden Wheel Restaurant in Yakima
Google Street View/Golden Wheel via Google Maps

“In Yakima, The Sports Center, and the business next to the Key Bank drive thru, and a room on the backside of a building near Ron's Coin & Book in Yakima, which I think is the old K&K. All of those places are haunted.” J.D.

TSM/Brian Stephenson/Canva
TSM/Brian Stephenson/Canva

"The princess daughter of Chief Seattle supposedly haunts Pike Place Market." - Washington INNsiders

Have fun not getting too creeped out by Washington state's haunted urban legends!

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